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Conformal cooling efficiencies in stretch blow molding

Sumit Mukherjee, Reiner Westhoff, Robert Beard, and Ron Puvak
Simulating and measuring mold temperatures and stress crack performance helps improve quenching and petaloid base performance.

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Interparticle confinement in nanocomposites

Gad Marom and Golan Tanami
31 July 2015
In addition to their reinforcing potential, nanoparticles may affect properties indirectly by acting on the polymer matrix of a nanocomposite, in particular through nucleation and interparticle confinement.

Properties of polyamide-6/cellulose composites enhanced by lignin-containing fibers

Marco-Aurelio De Paoli and Felipe Cicaroni Fernandes
27 July 2015
The mechanical properties and stability of cellulose-fiber-reinforced polyamide-6 can be improved by carefully controlling processing properties, employing a lubricant, and using high-lignin-content fibers.

Using graphene to toughen rigid poly(vinyl chloride)

You Zeng and Han Wang
20 July 2015
The easy dispersion and high flexibility of crumpled multi-layer graphene permit a novel manufacturing approach for nanocomposite materials.

New solutions for metal/plastic hybrid design via nano-molding technology

Yuanqing He, Xiaoyu Sun, and Harold Ho
16 July 2015
Novel glass-fiber-reinforced compound solutions enable high adhesion between metal and plastic, improved mechanical properties, superior chemical resistance, and desirable aesthetics for consumer electronics.

Effect of inorganic pigments on the hygrothermal properties of wood-plastic composites

Changyan Xu
10 July 2015
The addition of iron oxide pigments to wood-plastic composites results in an increase in the flexural strength and moduli they exhibit after hygrothermal aging tests.

Functionally graded porous membranes for effective sound absorption

Shahrzad Ghaffari Mosanenzadeh, Hani E. Naguib, Chul B. Park, and Noureddine Atalla
8 July 2015
Tailoring the microstructure of biobased open-cell porous materials could enable the development of innovative, eco-friendly thermoplastic packages for acoustic applications.

Estimating ASTM melt flow rates from oscillatory shear rheology

Ching-Tai Lue
6 July 2015
A new approach makes it possible to estimate all ASTM-standard flow rates and flow-rate ratios from a single run of small-amplitude oscillatory shear testing.

Predicting long-term creep of polymer blends

Ying Shi
3 July 2015
Time-temperature superposition principles successfully forecast behavior under long-term loading.

Effective control of warping during injection molding

Ming-Shyan Huang, Chih-Yang Wu, and Shih-Chih Nian
1 July 2015
Local mold temperature settings can be used to reduce the amount of warpage in fabricated thin-walled plastic parts.

Acid-free preparation of natural rubber/clay nanocomposites

Charoen Nakason, Uraiwan Sookyung, Norbert Vennemann, and Woothichai Thaijaroen
24 June 2015
Preparing natural rubber/clay nanocomposites by a drying rather than acid coagulation method improves the thermal resistance, tensile strength, and modulus of the rubber vulcanizates.