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Improving polymer blend nanocomposite films

Francesco Paolo La Mantia, Maria Chiara Mistretta, Manuela Ceraulo, and Marco Morreale
Comparing anisotropic and isotropic nanocomposites reveals unexpected behavior as a result of compatibilization.

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Water uptake and its effect on biocomposites

Jean-Christophe Cuillière, Lotfi Toubal, Karim Bensalem, Vincent François, and Papa-Birame Gning
20 May 2015
A non-Fickian model of moisture diffusion in a hemp/polypropylene composite allows better prediction of moisture uptake and its related effect on mechanical properties.

Toughness of center-cracked polypropylene films

Arzu Hayirlioglu Topuzlu and Hoang Pham
18 May 2015
A simple tensile test method that uses the strain energy of materials predicts the failure strength of multilayer films.

Electromagnetic shielding with conductive polymer composite materials

Richard Fox, Mark Barger, and Vijay Wani
14 May 2015
Conductive polymer fillers can be used in shielding structures for electronic devices, but have associated challenges related to processing techniques.

Natural-fiber reinforced plastics for high-temperature uses

Babu Padmanabhan, Sambhu Bhadra, Prakash Hadimani, Padmanabhan B. Raman, and Robert Roden
13 May 2015
Jute-filled polypropylene composites with a heat deflection temperature above150°C and improved mechanical and flow properties were developed on a high-performance co-rotating twin-screw compounder.

Rapid and accurate image analysis procedure for fiber length measurements

Ruggero Giusti, Giovanni Lucchetta, and Irenko Dubrovich
12 May 2015
The effects of two different 40mm screws on fiber breakage during plastication are compared.

Enhancing compatibility of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and starch

Trong-Ming Don
4 May 2015
Grafting poly(vinyl acetate) from starch improves film formability, thermal stability, and toughness in biodegradable poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/starch blends.

The effect of organoclay concentration on polyurethane nanocomposites

Shirley Peng and Jude Iroh
1 May 2015
Incorporating nanosized clay fillers into a polyurethane matrix improves the processability of the resultant composites at ambient temperatures.

Foam injection molding enhances the electrical conductivity of nanocomposites

Amir Ameli, Chul Park, and Petra Pötschke
29 April 2015
Adding foam to polypropylene/carbon nanotube composites increases electrical conductivity by more than six orders of magnitude while decreasing density.

Fabricating highly crystalline polyester articles

Zahir Bashir
24 April 2015
An adapted industrial metallurgical method produces highly crystalline polyester articles from powder, without melting fully.

Creating internal geometries in injection-molded parts

Jason McNulty, Hrishikesh Kharbas, Cyrus Thompson, Randolph Ashton, and Lih-Sheng Turng
22 April 2015
A sacrificial injection-molding process fabricates components with complex internal geometries.