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Fabricating highly crystalline polyester articles

Zahir Bashir
An adapted industrial metallurgical method produces highly crystalline polyester articles from powder, without melting fully.

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Creating internal geometries in injection-molded parts

Jason McNulty, Hrishikesh Kharbas, Cyrus Thompson, Randolph Ashton, and Lih-Sheng Turng
22 April 2015
A sacrificial injection-molding process fabricates components with complex internal geometries.

Hollow-core photonic crystal fibers for high-power, ultrafast lasers

Clara Saraceno, Florian Emaury, Andreas Diebold, Cinia Schriber, Ursula Keller, Benoit Debord, Frederic Gerome, Fetah Benabid, and Thomas Südmeyer
20 April 2015
Combining Kagome lattice hollow-core photonic crystal fibers with ultrafast lasers enables transmission and pulse compression with high energy and high average power.

The effects of miniaturization and processing on microinjection moldings

Nan Zhang and Michael D. Gilchrist
17 April 2015
Product miniaturization and high shear/cooling rates during microinjection molding increase the volume of the highly oriented skin layer, thereby modifying the mechanical properties of the fabricated product.

Solution-cast graphite nanoplatelet/poly(lactic acid) nanocomposite films

Erin M. Sullivan, Richard Flowers, Ben Wang, and Kyriaki Kalaitzidou
15 April 2015
The microstructure and mechanical properties of solution-cast composite films can be significantly improved by compression molding.

Evaluating pigment dispersion for better color in plastics

Shahid Ahmed, Remon Pop-Iliev, and Ghaus Rizvi
13 April 2015
Scanning electron micrography and image analysis assess coloration mixing quality during polymer resin extrusion.

Tunable drug delivery from a smart rubber composite

Melodie I. Lawton and Patrick T. Mather
10 April 2015
A strong, elastic synthetic biomaterial that mimics soft tissues remembers shapes and provides controlled release of a model drug.

The structural and acoustic properties of polyolefin foam/film multilayer materials

Wenbin Liang, Xiaojie Sun, and Shih-Yaw Lai
8 April 2015
A microscale multilayered structure of alternating foam and film layers, prepared using microlayer co-extrusion technology, results in a well-ordered multilayered structure, leading to enhanced sound absorption.

Improved puncture resistance testing of flexible food packages

Leopoldo Carbajal, Rong Jiao, Randy Kendzierski, Diane Hahm, and Barry Morris
7 April 2015
A high-speed impact test for measuring puncture resistance of multilayer films was developed that shows good correlation with field failures and helps optimize performance for food packaging.

Deformation-induced change to the mechanical properties of polyethylene

Pean-Yue Ben Jar
31 March 2015
A short-term test method to evaluate the performance of polyethylene pipes enables the effect of prior deformation on the tangent modulus to be measured and may prove useful for in-service monitoring.2

Innovative approach to the design of profile extrusion dies

Nelson Gonçalves, Paulo Teixeira, Luís Ferrás, and Alexandre Afonso
3 March 2015
Investigation of an extrusion die designed for the production of wood-plastic-composite decking profiles shows that numerical tools help to optimize flow balance.