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Increased thermal conductivity of polymer composites

Yu Qi, Wei Yu, Lifei Chen, Mingzhu Wang, Wenxia Wang, and Huaqing Xie
A synergistic effect in polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene alloys arises from the inclusion of alumina, magnesia, and graphene nanoplatelet fillers.

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Predicting thermal degradation mechanisms in polymer composites

Muhammad Azeem Arshad and Abdel-Karim Maaroufi
18 November 2015
Kinetic modeling and structural analyses are used to determine degradation pathways in metal-filled epoxy materials.

Effects of silanes on tribological properties of rubber composites

Xin Ge, Yinhang Zhang, Fei Deng, and Ur Ryong Cho
16 November 2015
The friction coefficient and wear loss of clay/rubber composites containing three different silanes were experimentally determined.

Improving electron transport and mechanical properties of polyaniline-based composites

Do Sung Huh and Chitragara Basavaraja
11 November 2015
Doping polyaniline with well-dispersed poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) increases the composite conductivity due to the increased mobility of charge carriers.

A novel foaming method for fabricating microcellular injection-molded parts

Lih-Sheng Turng and Jun Peng
6 November 2015
Water vapor represents a new kind of physical blowing agent for the fabrication of foamed-polycarbonate parts with a smooth surface finish.

The skin-core structure of injection-molded parts

Sudheer Bandla and Jay Hanan
3 November 2015
A highly oriented skin layer caused by flow-induced stresses from injection molding was visualized and quantified by x-ray nanotomography.

Improving the mechanical and thermal properties of copolyimide fibers

Dezhen Wu, Mengying Zhang, and Hongqing Niu
27 October 2015
The incorporation of benzimidazole and ether moieties causes microvoids to decrease in size and enhanced hydrogen bond interactions within the fibers.

Importance of sample dimensions in dynamic mechanical analysis

Ian M. McAninch, Joseph L. Lenhart, John J. La Scala, and Giuseppe R. Palmese
22 October 2015
Both the size of samples and the type of clamp geometry should be considered during testing of epoxy resins to ensure accurate modulus measurements are obtained.

Core-material penetration in multi-cavity co-injection molding

Chao-Tsai Huang and Jackie Yang
14 October 2015
A high core-material ratio and slow injection speed allow for good penetration, but leading behavior during the runner-filling stage can result in unsatisfactory material distribution in the molded parts.

Investigating two electrospinning mass transfer mechanisms

Danny J. Y. S. Pagé, Jennifer Scott, and Siavash Sarabi-Mianeji
12 October 2015
Whipping and splitting—favored by separate processing conditions—result in different fiber diameters and diameter distributions, and can be identified by the measured current during processing.

Low-cost, high-performance thermally conductive plastics

Chandra Raman, Bei Xiang, Anand Murugaiah, and Allison Howard
9 October 2015
Surface treatments and boron nitride-based mixed filler formulations are used to address property and cost challenges.