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Combinatorial effects of kneading elements on twin-screw compounding

Graeme Fukuda, David Bigio, Ben Dryer, Jake Webb, Paul Andersen, and Mark Wetzel
An inline residence-stress-distribution methodology enables characterization of the effect of unique screw geometries on dispersive mixing.

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Influencing the strength and biodegradability of polylactide blown films

Yan Zhao and Huiliang Zhang
29 September 2015
The morphology and enzymatic degradation of polylactide composites—plasticized with acetyl tributyl citrate and blended with glycidyl methacrylate-grafted poly(ethylene octene)—have been investigated.

New impact-modified polycarbonate/polyester blends

Huanbing Wang and Hongtao Shi
22 September 2015
A refractive index matching approach can be used to develop transparent/translucent materials with improved impact strength and transmittance properties.

Enhancing the properties of low-density polyethylene composites

Tshwafo Motaung, Thabang Mokhothu, Teboho Mokhena, Mokgaotsa Mochane, Thollwana Makhetha, Rantooa Moji, and Setumo Motloung
18 September 2015
Mechanical treatment, with the use of a Supermasscolloider, of sugar cane bagasse significantly improves the mechanical and thermal characteristics of composites made with this material.

Reducing the water uptake of environmentally friendly polypropylene composites

Daniel García-García, Alfredo Carbonell, María Dolores Samper, David García-Sanoguera, and Rafael Balart
16 September 2015
Spent coffee ground particles are treated with a fatty acid derivative in a novel hydrophobic method that improves particle dispersion and impact properties.

A walk around the color sphere

Rajath Mudalamane, Philipp Niedenzu, Sandra Davis, Austin Reid, and Jill McLaughlin
14 September 2015
The size distribution of titanium dioxide pigment particles affects the whiteness they impart to a plastic article.

Tuning the structure of microcellular-injected polypropylene

Jose Antonio Reglero Ruiz, Jean-François Agassant, Michel Vincent, Aurore Claverie, and Sébastien Huck
11 September 2015
A new microcellular injection process that uses gas counter pressure and movement of the core-back mold results in low-density polypropylene parts with well-controlled cellular structures.

Efficient manufacturing of lightweight composite car seats

Marcus Schuck
8 September 2015
A new optimization approach combines the use of fiber-reinforced materials, laying and stacking design methods, as well as integrated forming and injection molding processes.

Improved processability of linear low-density polyethylene copolymers

Luciano Di Maio, Emilia Garofalo, and Loredana Incarnato
21 August 2015
Increasing short-chain branching length by even just a few carbon atoms reduces extrudate distortion.

Investigating the crystallization behavior of poly(lactic acid) materials

Zhong-Yong Fan and Wei Li
19 August 2015
The poly(L-lactide)-to-poly(D-lactide) block length ratio of star-shaped asymmetric stereoblock copolymers is a key control on the crystallization of stereocomplex crystallites.

Dispersion of graphite nanoplates during melt mixing

José Covas, Eunice Cunha, Maria C. Paiva, and Loic Hilliou
17 August 2015
The behavior of pristine and functionalized particles within polypropylene was investigated with the use of a prototype small-scale mixer.