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Voids in composites with continuous fiber reinforcement

Jacob P. Anderson and M. Cengiz Altan
An enhanced void formation model was developed to accurately predict the void content of composite laminates fabricated from prepreg after humidity exposure and across a range of processing pressures.

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Effect of chemical treatment on newspaper fibers

Samira Nedjma, Hocine Djidjelli, Amar Boukerrou, Nacéra Chibani, Yves Grohens, Isabelle Pillin, and Djafer Benachour
17 July 2014
De-inking and modifying newspapers with acetic anhydride, sodium hydroxide, and potassium permanganate enhances interfacial adhesion between a polyvinyl chloride matrix and the newspaper fibers.

Screw speed and nanocomposite rheology

Vinicius Pistor and Ademir José Zattera
3 July 2014
Process conditions affect the intercalation, exfoliation, slippage of polymer chains, and relaxation times of polymer-clay nanocomposites.

Typical interactions of composite additives with polyethylene and nanoclay

Ruijun Gu and Mohini Sain
26 June 2014
Maleated polyolefins are commonly used to compatibilize wood fiber-reinforced composites, but can decrease tensile strength. Dicumyl peroxide may be a superior choice when natural fibers are not used.

Toughening epoxy with liquid and preformed powdered rubber

Long-Cheng Tang, Li-Zhi Guan, Li-Xiu Gong, Lian-Bin Wu, and Jian-Xiong Jiang
18 June 2014
Phase-separation-formed submicron liquid rubber and preformed powdered nanoscale rubber fillers balance the mechanical and thermal properties of epoxy resin nanocomposites.

Exploring the mixing performance of triple-screw extruders

Jingyao Sun, Kunxiao Yang, Dongquan Yu, and Yadong He
16 June 2014
The central region of the triangle-arrayed triple-screw extruder has an extension effect in processing that plays an important part in compounding high-viscosity-ratio polymers.

Facile exfoliation of graphite for preparation of polypropylene/graphite nanocomposites

Ke Wang and Nan Li
12 June 2014
Combining rotating solid-state mixing and dynamic packing injection molding enables graphite flakes to be well-exfoliated and dispersed in polypropylene matrices, resulting in high-performance composites.

Enhanced cold crystallization of glassy poly(L-lactic acid)

Chunguang Shao, Qian Li, Yaming Wang, and Changyu Shen
5 June 2014
Glassy PLA samples prepared by rapid compression possess lower onset crystallization temperature, higher crystallization rate, and larger final crystallinity than samples prepared by other methods.

Antibiotic wound dressings

Sabitha Mahadevan and Sheeja Rajiv
2 June 2014
Incorporating ampicillin into electrospun polyurethane makes bandages that control common infections.

Improving the scratch-resistance of acrylic glass

Himel Chakraborty and Nillohit Mukherjee
30 May 2014
Nanoindentation studies show that incorporating functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes into polymethylmethacrylate hardens it and improves its elastic modulus.

Polymer nanocomposite properties enhanced with supercritical fluid treatment

John Quigley and Baird Donald
28 May 2014
Supercritical carbon dioxide used as a processing aid in the generation of single-screw melt-compounded nylon 6/organoclay nanocomposites yields composites with superior mechanical properties.