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New biodegradable composites for food packaging

Mara Cunha, José A. Covas, Loïc Hilliou, Marie-Alix Berthet, Ricardo Pereira, and António A. Vicente
Beer spent grain fibers are a biodegradable waste resource that forms breathable thin films by conventional extrusion film blowing under processing conditions scalable to industrial production.

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Foaming mechanism and control in microcellular injection molding

Guo-Qun Zhao, Gui-Long Wang, Lei Zhang, and Jia-Chang Wang
8 September 2014
The formation mechanism of inner and external bubble morphology, and of the solid skin in microcellular injection molding, is elucidated and verified for effective bubble morphology control.

Green technology for modification of poly(vinyl chloride)

Yelena Kann
5 September 2014
Biodegradable poly(hydroxybutyrate) copolymers plasticize, toughen, improve processing, and reduce UV discoloration.

Biopolyesters filled with date seed powder

Vikas Mittal and Nadejda Matsko
2 September 2014
Using date seed powder to reinforce the biodegradable polyesters poly-L-lactide and poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) improves their properties.

Post-industrial waste nylon for automotive applications

David DuQuesnay, Ying Zhang, and Philip Bates
27 August 2014
Although slightly lower in tensile and fatigue strength, glass-fiber-reinforced waste nylon can be a viable substitute for reinforced prime nylon in cyclically loaded under-hood automotive applications.

Enhancing properties and value of recycled plastics

Ramazan Asmatulu
25 August 2014
Adding graphene nanoflakes to recycled high-density polyethylene drastically improves its performance.

Bioplasticized poly(vinyl chloride)

Bharat Chaudhary
20 August 2014
Treatment with epoxidized soybean oil and bis(2-ethylhexyl) succinate for wire and cable applications softens the polymer but preserves tensile elongation properties after heat aging.

Synthesis and properties of polystyrene/silicon dioxide nanocomposites

Shi-Yang Zhu, Xian-Ming Zhang, Wen-Xing Chen, and Lian-Fang Feng
13 August 2014
An in situ sol-gel process enables good compatibility between organic and inorganic phases and leads to increased thermal stability with increasing inorganic content.

Modified resin for high-performance composites

Sarawut Rimdusit and Isala Dueramae
30 July 2014
A simple and practical modification makes a new class of phenolic resin—benzoxazine resin—stronger and more resilient.

Voids in composites with continuous fiber reinforcement

Jacob P. Anderson and M. Cengiz Altan
21 July 2014
An enhanced void formation model was developed to accurately predict the void content of composite laminates fabricated from prepreg after humidity exposure and across a range of processing pressures.

Effect of chemical treatment on newspaper fibers

Samira Nedjma, Hocine Djidjelli, Amar Boukerrou, Nacéra Chibani, Yves Grohens, Isabelle Pillin, and Djafer Benachour
17 July 2014
De-inking and modifying newspapers with acetic anhydride, sodium hydroxide, and potassium permanganate enhances interfacial adhesion between a polyvinyl chloride matrix and the newspaper fibers.