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Simple toughening of epoxy thermosets by preformed thermoplastics

Saurabh Chaudhary, Surekha Parthasarathy, Chitra Rajagopal, Prasun Roy, and Devendra Kumar
Reinforcing with microspheres avoids the need for solvent removal and improves impact strength and fracture toughness without compromising tensile properties.

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A novel biodegradable and conductive composite

Chitragra Basavaraja and Do Sung Huh
11 April 2014
Combining electroactive polyaniline and environmentally-friendly poly(1,4-butylene succinate) gives flexible electrical composites with biomedical and engineering applications.

Modified magnesium hydroxide for polyethylene nanocomposites

Edgar N. Cabrera-Álvarez, Luis F. Ramos-DeValle, and Saul Sánchez-Valdes
8 April 2014
Methods for modifying magnesium hydroxide with triethoxyvinylsilane improve the compatibility between the nanocomposite materials, but not the flame retardancy.

Annealing conditions for injection-molded poly(lactic acid)

Lih-Sheng Turng and Yottha Srithep
2 April 2014
Post-molding annealing increases the degree of crystallinity in injection-molded poly(lactic acid) components and improves their mechanical and heat resistance performance.

Injection molding of self-hybrid composites

Aida A. Pérez-Fonseca, Rubén González-Núñez, José Anzaldo-Hernández, Jorge R. Robledo-Ortíz, and Denis Rodrigue
31 March 2014
Combining different sizes of particles improves the mechanical properties of composite materials.

Strengthening wood-polymer composites cheaply

Ping Xue and Jianchen Cai
27 March 2014
Solid-state extrusion produces self-reinforced wood-polymer composite rods with improved physical properties and highly fibrillated morphology.

A polypyrrole/modified poly (styrene-alt-maleic anhydride) conducting nanocomposite

Moslem Mansour Lakouraj and Ehsan Nazarzadeh Zare
24 March 2014
A nanocomposite was synthesized by emulsion polymerization to improve the processability, conductivity, antioxidant activity, and heavy metal ion-removal capabilities of the parent conducting polymer.

Recycling peroxide-crosslinked polyethylene

Avraam I. Isayev and Keyuan Huang
21 March 2014
An ultrasonic single screw extruder produces melt-processable decrosslinked high-density polyethylene with good mechanical performance.

Mechanical properties of hybrid composites enhanced with coir fiber hybridization

Mohammad Jawaid, Wan Mohamad Haniffa, Edi Syams Zainudin, and Othman Y. Alothman
19 March 2014
Hybrid composites possessing unique properties can be made by incorporating two or more natural fibers into a single matrix.

New life for aircraft waste composites

Pierfrancesco Cerruti, Maurizio Avella, Maria Emanuela Errico, Mario Malinconico, and Raffaele Corvino
17 March 2014
Recyclable thermoplastic composite materials, made of waste from dismantled aircraft and polystyrene loose-fill packaging, are capable of handling high weight loads.

Wood apple shell particulates reinforce epoxy composites

Shakuntala Ojha, Samir Kumar Acharya, and Raghavendra Gujjala
14 March 2014
Adding biodegradable shell particulates to an epoxy resin matrix yields superior thermal stability and mechanical properties while lowering fabrication cost.