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Improved electrical and optical properties of a poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposite

P. Maji, R. B. Choudhary, and M. Majhi
An in situ polymerization technique is used to reinforce the polymer matrix with γ-methacryloyloxy propyl trimethoxy silane-treated titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

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Low-velocity impact response of nanotube-reinforced composite cylindrical shells

Mohammad R. Bayat, M. Mosavi Mashhadi, and Omid Rahmani
23 May 2016
A two-step perturbation method is used to study the nonlinear behavior of functionally graded carbon-nanotube-reinforced composite cylindrical shells with different filler distributions.

De-inking paper sludge as a potential reinforcement for recycled plastics

Ahmed Elloumi, M. Makhlouf, A. Elleuchi, and Ch. Bradai
20 May 2016
The addition of de-inking paper sludge into recycled high-density polyethylene composites improves their tensile strength and stiffness, but is detrimental to their ductility and toughness.

Simple method for fabrication of highly conductive natural rubber nanocomposites

Chunmei Zhang and Lih-Sheng Turng
17 May 2016
In a novel approach, graphene oxide/natural rubber nanocomposites are immersed in hydroiodic acid for in situ reduction of graphene oxide to graphene.

Forming of composite spars that include carbon nanotube interlayers

Per Hallander, Jens Sjölander, and Malin Åkermo
13 May 2016
An experimental study illustrates how the manufacture of composite parts is affected by the introduction of multiwall carbon nanotubes between pre-impregnated layers.

Novel solid-lubricant materials for multifunctional applications

Surojit Gupta, M. F. Riyad, Sujan Ghosh, and Ross Dunnigan
10 May 2016
The addition of thermodynamically stable nanolaminates to thermosets and thermoplastics improves the performance of polymer matrix composites.

Preparation of flexible, transparent, and electrically conductive composite films

Sasmita Nayak, Sanjay Behura, Sarama Bhattacharjee, and Singh Bimal P.
5 May 2016
A solution-based in situ polymerization technique is used to disperse graphene oxide nanosheets within a host polymer matrix for a biologically inspired device.

Polyacrylamide-montmorillonite composite with improved properties

Tian-Hong Zhao, Ji-Yue Xing, Wan-Fen Pu, Zhi-Ming Dong, Cheng-Dong Yuan, Fa-Yang Jin, Guo-Feng Peng, and Ji-Jia Xia
3 May 2016
The high water absorption rates and poor long-term stability in high salinity of polymer-montmorillonite composites are ameliorated by introducing a polymerizable cationic hydrophobic monomer.

Investigating the properties of self-reinforced polymer composites

Lucia Marsich and Alessio Ferluga
29 April 2016
Peel strength tests, scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry are used to investigate the properties of two commercial self-reinforced polymer composites.

Predicting viscosity and relaxation modulus of polymers

Huimin Li and Boming Zhang
26 April 2016
The novel ‘viscosity-cure’ shift factor is used to model the rheological and stress relaxation behavior of epoxy resin during the curing process.

Biodegradation properties of poly(butylene succinate) and chitosan nanocomposites

Vikas Mittal, Fakhruddin Patwary, and Nadejda Matsko
25 April 2016
Soil burial tests, conducted under natural conditions, were used to investigate the biodegradability of bio-nanocomposites containing silica, silicate, and graphene reinforcements.