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Estimating ASTM melt flow rates from oscillatory shear rheology

Ching-Tai Lue
A new approach makes it possible to estimate all ASTM-standard flow rates and flow-rate ratios from a single run of small-amplitude oscillatory shear testing.

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Predicting long-term creep of polymer blends

Ying Shi
3 July 2015
Time-temperature superposition principles successfully forecast behavior under long-term loading.

Effective control of warping during injection molding

Ming-Shyan Huang, Chih-Yang Wu, and Shih-Chih Nian
1 July 2015
Local mold temperature settings can be used to reduce the amount of warpage in fabricated thin-walled plastic parts.

Acid-free preparation of natural rubber/clay nanocomposites

Charoen Nakason, Uraiwan Sookyung, Norbert Vennemann, and Woothichai Thaijaroen
24 June 2015
Preparing natural rubber/clay nanocomposites by a drying rather than acid coagulation method improves the thermal resistance, tensile strength, and modulus of the rubber vulcanizates.

Novel approach for achieving tight injection-molding tolerances

David Kazmer, Mark Berry, and Yasuo Ishiwata
19 June 2015
Stacked melt temperature and pressure sensors are used to accurately model the shrinkage of molded parts.

Adding carbon nanoparticles with different geometries to poly(ethylene terephthalate)

Sandra Paszkiewicz
15 June 2015
The addition of expanded graphite and single-walled carbon nanotubes to poly(ethylene terephthalate) leads to a range of enhanced mechanical and barrier properties in the resultant nanocomposite.

High-surface-area and high-porosity conductive nanostructures

João Paulo Santos, Aline Bruna da Silva, Uttandaraman Sundararaj, and Rosario Elida Suman Bretas
12 June 2015
Anchoring multiwalled carbon nanotubes to polymeric nanofibers produces conductive nanostructures with high surface area and high porosity.

Monitoring polymer melt rheology during injection molding

Chung Chih Lin and Chien Liang Wu
10 June 2015
Monitoring the rheological properties of a polymer under different processing parameters gives insight into its melt state and allows the quality of injection-molded parts to be predicted.

Altering the mechanical properties of syntactic foams

Chi Huang, Zhixiong Huang, Yan Qin, and Xuesong Lv
8 June 2015
Addition of carbon fiber reinforcements and hollow glass microspheres improves damping properties and storage modulus values of epoxy syntactic foams.

A step toward lightweight, high-performance supercapacitors

HaoTian Harvey Shi and Hani E. Naguib
5 June 2015
A new lightweight, electrically conductive polymer nanocomposite may prove suitable for current-collector applications in supercapacitors.

Investigating agricultural waste-reinforced polyurethane elastomer green composites

Erdal Bayramli, Umit Tayfun, and Mehmet Dogan
3 June 2015
Enhancing interfacial interactions between natural filler and polymer matrix by modifying the surface of rice straw results in stronger thermoplastic polyurethane-based eco-composites.