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Re-extrusion of wood polymer composites and its effects

Majid TabkhPaz, Amir Hossein Behravesh, Peyman Shahi, and Abbas Zolfaghari
29 November 2013
Reprocessing wood polymer composites may improve their physical and mechanical properties.

Tough polyamide 6/core-shell blends by reactive extrusion

Dongguang Yan, Liang Dong, Jiao Li, and Faliang Luo
21 October 2013
Continuous in situ anionic polymerization of ε-caprolactam in a twin screw extruder produces tough polyamide 6 blends incorporating dispersed domains with a core-shell structure.

Applications and advantages of β-crystalline polypropylene

Philip Jacoby
29 July 2013
A β-nucleation additive makes it possible to obtain novel materials such as microporous films, as well as improve the properties and lower the cost of injection-molded and thermoformed parts.

A vane extruder for polymer processing

Jinping Qu and Shikui Jia
18 June 2013
A novel, non-screw plasticizing processor known as the vane extruder could generate higher stress and dynamical elongational flow in polymers, using groups of vane plasticizing units.

Improved blown film extrusion of biopolymers

Khalid Lamnawar and Abderrahim Maazouz
5 June 2013
Poly(lactic acid) optimized with chain extenders, plasticizers, and nucleating agents forms stable and defect-free films with improved mechanical properties.

Susceptibility of plastified starch to biodegradation

Krzysztof Bajer
16 April 2013
Potato starch plastified with glycerol using a twin-screw extruder under different conditions can vary the susceptibility of the plastic to micro-organisms.

Nanofibrous meshes by advanced electrospinning

Semra Senturk-Ozer, Daniel Ward, Halil Gevgilili, Cevat Erisken, and Dilhan M. Kalyon
18 February 2013
A novel process incorporating twin screw extrusion and electrospinning permits in-line polymer processing and inclusion of nanoparticles for structurally and compositionally complex fiber meshes.

A laminating-multiplying extrusion system for tailored dispersion of polymer blends

Jiang Li, Jiabin Shen, and Shaoyun Guo
5 December 2012
A novel extrusion die offers a new route to polymeric composites with specific distribution and morphological evolution of dispersed components in the melt.

Two-step model to maximize mechanical performance of extruded EPDM weather-strips

Gabriele Milani and Federico Milani
22 October 2012
An integrated two-step numerical approach to the thermal and mechanical analysis of EPDM rubber weather-strips enables more accurate modeling of their properties.

Building better plastics with supercritical carbon dioxide

Michael Thompson, Zijin Zhuang, Jinling Liu, and William Rodgers
28 September 2012
Supercritical CO!sub!2!/sub! can aid the dispersal of nanoscale clay fragments during the synthesis of polymer nanocomposites, provided that it can be concentrated at the clay-compatibilizer interface.