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Modifying poly(ethylene terephthalate) for low-density foams

Ling Zhao, Tian Xia, Zhenhao Xi, Tao Liu, Xun Pan, and Chaoyang Fan
14 November 2014
Reactive extrusion with pyromellitic dianhydride and controlled foaming of the melt with supercritical carbion dioxide produce high-melt-strength poly(ethylene terephthalate) foam.

Choice of extrusion screw for recycling glass-fiber-reinforced liquid crystal polymer

Shuidong Zhang
7 November 2014
A smaller extrusion screw produces a recycled product with adequate mechanical and thermal properties for reuse in electronic and electrical applications.

Reclaiming ground tire rubber at low temperatures: benefits and limitations

Krzysztof Formela, Magdalena Formela, and Józef Haponiuk
25 September 2014
Lower extrusion temperatures during rubber reclamation lead to a reduction in toxic degradation products and improve the mechanical properties of vulcanizates, at the expense of reduced processability.

Exploring the mixing performance of triple-screw extruders

Jingyao Sun, Kunxiao Yang, Dongquan Yu, and Yadong He
16 June 2014
The central region of the triangle-arrayed triple-screw extruder has an extension effect in processing that plays an important part in compounding high-viscosity-ratio polymers.

Polymer nanocomposite properties enhanced with supercritical fluid treatment

John Quigley and Baird Donald
28 May 2014
Supercritical carbon dioxide used as a processing aid in the generation of single-screw melt-compounded nylon 6/organoclay nanocomposites yields composites with superior mechanical properties.

Strengthening wood-polymer composites cheaply

Ping Xue and Jianchen Cai
27 March 2014
Solid-state extrusion produces self-reinforced wood-polymer composite rods with improved physical properties and highly fibrillated morphology.

Recycling peroxide-crosslinked polyethylene

Avraam I. Isayev and Keyuan Huang
21 March 2014
An ultrasonic single screw extruder produces melt-processable decrosslinked high-density polyethylene with good mechanical performance.

Melt temperature consistency during polymer extrusion

Chamil Abeykoon, Peter J. Martin, Kang Li, Adrian L. Kelly, Elaine C. Brown, and Phil D. Coates
18 February 2014
A thermocouple mesh technique measured melt temperature radially across polymer flows, precisely profiling the relationship between melt behavior and processing parameters in polymer extrusion.

Extrusion of foams from engineering plastics using supercritical carbon dioxide

Seda Aktas, Halil Gevgilili, Dilhan Kalyon, Ilknur Küçük, and Aydin Sunol
27 January 2014
A single-screw-extrusion-based foaming process using supercritical carbon dioxide can effectively generate foams of poly(ether imide) at high temperatures while providing excellent control of the foam's properties.

Melting in starve-fed single screw extrusion

Krzysztof Wilczynski, Andrzej Nastaj, Krzysztof J. Wilczynski, and Adrian Lewandowski
30 December 2013
A novel model describes the way in which thermoplastics melt by dissipative and conductive mechanisms, taking metering, melting, and solid conveying into account.