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Keratin-containing nanofibers for cell growth and tissue scaffolds

Duygu Yüksel Deniz and Memet Vezir Kahraman
7 October 2015
A polymer solution that includes human hair is used in a UV-electrospinning technique to fabricate non-toxic fibers with diameters of less 350nm.

Combinatorial effects of kneading elements on twin-screw compounding

Graeme Fukuda, David Bigio, Ben Dryer, Jake Webb, Paul Andersen, and Mark Wetzel
2 October 2015
An inline residence-stress-distribution methodology enables characterization of the effect of unique screw geometries on dispersive mixing.

Investigating agricultural waste-reinforced polyurethane elastomer green composites

Erdal Bayramli, Umit Tayfun, and Mehmet Dogan
3 June 2015
Enhancing interfacial interactions between natural filler and polymer matrix by modifying the surface of rice straw results in stronger thermoplastic polyurethane-based eco-composites.

Flow simulation software to optimize coextrusion die design

Mahesh Gupta and Kim Ryckebosch
1 June 2015
Virtual fine-tuning of coextrusion dies using a flow simulation software reduced the lead time and the number of fine-tuning cycles in experiments by 35  significantly cutting the cost of designing a die.

Evaluating pigment dispersion for better color in plastics

Shahid Ahmed, Remon Pop-Iliev, and Ghaus Rizvi
13 April 2015
Scanning electron micrography and image analysis assess coloration mixing quality during polymer resin extrusion.

Innovative approach to the design of profile extrusion dies

Nelson Gonçalves, Paulo Teixeira, Luís Ferrás, and Alexandre Afonso
3 March 2015
Investigation of an extrusion die designed for the production of wood-plastic-composite decking profiles shows that numerical tools help to optimize flow balance.

Modeling multilayer film co-extrusion

James Champion, Kieran Looney, and Mark Simmons
23 January 2015
Die plug analysis and chloroform washing validate a computational fluid dynamics model of polyester co-extrusion.

Biodegradable porous structures derived from multiphase polymer blends

Apostolos Baklavaridis, Ioannis Zuburtikudis, and Costas Panayiotou
13 January 2015
Reinforcing multiphase porous biopolymer composites with clay platelets increases their mechanical strength, making them a promising candidate for future tissue engineering applications.

Modifying poly(ethylene terephthalate) for low-density foams

Ling Zhao, Tian Xia, Zhenhao Xi, Tao Liu, Xun Pan, and Chaoyang Fan
14 November 2014
Reactive extrusion with pyromellitic dianhydride and controlled foaming of the melt with supercritical carbion dioxide produce high-melt-strength poly(ethylene terephthalate) foam.

Choice of extrusion screw for recycling glass-fiber-reinforced liquid crystal polymer

Shuidong Zhang
7 November 2014
A smaller extrusion screw produces a recycled product with adequate mechanical and thermal properties for reuse in electronic and electrical applications.

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