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A walk around the color sphere

Rajath Mudalamane, Philipp Niedenzu, Sandra Davis, Austin Reid, and Jill McLaughlin
14 September 2015
The size distribution of titanium dioxide pigment particles affects the whiteness they impart to a plastic article.

Efficient manufacturing of lightweight composite car seats

Marcus Schuck
8 September 2015
A new optimization approach combines the use of fiber-reinforced materials, laying and stacking design methods, as well as integrated forming and injection molding processes.

Investigating the crystallization behavior of poly(lactic acid) materials

Zhong-Yong Fan and Wei Li
19 August 2015
The poly(L-lactide)-to-poly(D-lactide) block length ratio of star-shaped asymmetric stereoblock copolymers is a key control on the crystallization of stereocomplex crystallites.

Functionally graded porous membranes for effective sound absorption

Shahrzad Ghaffari Mosanenzadeh, Hani E. Naguib, Chul B. Park, and Noureddine Atalla
8 July 2015
Tailoring the microstructure of biobased open-cell porous materials could enable the development of innovative, eco-friendly thermoplastic packages for acoustic applications.

Adding carbon nanoparticles with different geometries to poly(ethylene terephthalate)

Sandra Paszkiewicz
15 June 2015
The addition of expanded graphite and single-walled carbon nanotubes to poly(ethylene terephthalate) leads to a range of enhanced mechanical and barrier properties in the resultant nanocomposite.

Investigating agricultural waste-reinforced polyurethane elastomer green composites

Erdal Bayramli, Umit Tayfun, and Mehmet Dogan
3 June 2015
Enhancing interfacial interactions between natural filler and polymer matrix by modifying the surface of rice straw results in stronger thermoplastic polyurethane-based eco-composites.

Fabricating highly crystalline polyester articles

Zahir Bashir
24 April 2015
An adapted industrial metallurgical method produces highly crystalline polyester articles from powder, without melting fully.

Creating internal geometries in injection-molded parts

Jason McNulty, Hrishikesh Kharbas, Cyrus Thompson, Randolph Ashton, and Lih-Sheng Turng
22 April 2015
A sacrificial injection-molding process fabricates components with complex internal geometries.

Electrically conductive nanocomposite

Abouelkacem Qaiss and Rachid Bouhfid
19 November 2014
Adding graphene nanosheets to polymer blend polyamide 6/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene blends leads to electrically conductive nanocomposite materials at smaller threshold percolation.

Microstructure and rheology of high-melt-strength poly-(propylene) impact copolymer

Harshawardhan Pol, Kalyani Chikhalikar, Anushree Deshpande, Deepa Dhoble, Saroj Jha, Ashish Lele, Kishor Jadhav, Sunil Mahajan, Zubair Ahmad, Surendra Kulkarni, and Surendra Gupta
5 November 2014
Separating a linear and a long chain branched impact polypropylene copolymer (ICP) into their subcomponent phases reveals the long chain branching and microgel content of each phase.

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